Corporate Branding: It’s Not Just Your Logo Anymore

The strategy of corporate branding is somewhat of a double-edged sword. It can spark a very strong sense of brand loyalty in customers, as in the case of Disney and Heinz, or it can severely overshadow the strong points of individual products when lumped together. And, if the way the brand is perceived suddenly takes a plunge, all products under that name will suffer. So, what do all successful corporate branding strategies have in common? A strong coherence between the following aspects (known as the “V-C-I Alignment Model”)!


Top-management needs to have a consistent strategic vision for the company. This vision must be shared among all employees so that it fits in with all other business efforts.


Company culture is important in all areas of business, but especially so when attempting corporate branding. If employees do not find the same value in the brand and products that you are expecting consumers to have, then that negativity will get translated somewhere down the line.


The most obvious of all is the company’s external image. Now, more than ever, the public judges a company on their work behind the scenes and in the communities they operate in. A business must practice corporate social responsibility (CSR) if they want to place their products under the umbrella of their company name and still have the same level of customer loyalty and acceptance.


So, when you’ve got these aspects working in harmony, where do you go from there? Advertise, of course! And that’s where Signsational comes in. We are ready to help you create a consistent and familiar brand through lobby signs, wall décor, vehicle graphics, flags, and any other kind of signage you may need! Call us today at 651 633-2233 for a consultation on your company’s needs.